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1) Premium 3D CAD

Part Modelling

In this course you will learn user interface and basics, sketch introduction, drafting symmetry, pattern,editing and repairing, 3d sketch,design changes, configuration, equation and dimensioning, features-extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, advance features-boundary, wrap, intersect, shell, mirror, component pattern ,multibody design, working with curves, adding bodies, combine feature.


Understanding surface, solid surface hybrid, modeling repairing and editing, imported geometry, advance surface, surface blend, surface to solid, surface flatten.


Adding components, basic, advance and mechanical mates, assembly pattern, belt-chain feature, exploded view, exploded sketch and animation of explode and collapse, topdown assembly, creating layout, assembly based design, smart fasteners.

2) Proffesional Advance CAD (includes premium 3D CAD)


Includes flange method, converting solid to a sheet metal, multibody sheetmetal, features and techniques, development of a sheet metal, forming a sheet metal, adding form tools to library.


Includes drawings, types of welding, 3d sketch, structural members, welding symbols, intermittent weld formation, end cap, gussets, weld beads.

Basic Motion

Includes motion for moving components, track components, and animation.

3) Professional Simulation

Advance Motion

Includes event based motion systems, compatible for servo motors.

Computational Flow Dynamics(CFD)

Computational flow dynamics includes flow simulation for a liquid.


Includes piping, routing with 3d sketches adding flanges bends.


Includes costing for parts.

4) Professional Die Mould(includes premium 3D CAD)

Mould Tools

Includes pattern making, extracting core cavity, understanding drag cope.

Solidworks Plastic

Includes simulation for a plastic part .

Advance Motion

Includes event based motion systems, compatible for servo motion.

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